We can all change the world and make it a better place. All We have to do is have the confidence to put our hands up, take action, and take our seat at the table.

Starting a business, or accelerating our business growth is no different. It's about change, evolution and having a goal that we are prepared to stick with, unless there is a faster, smarter and more efficient way of getting to the end result.

The North Queensland Entrepreneurs Conference is ground-breaking, in that it brings together 18 speakers ranging from the top entrepreneurs in the world, through to Members of Parliament and Mayors of Councils. What people will learn and experience from this conference will change their perspective, and hopefully create "take-home" value that will improve their businesses or allow them to take the first step to starting a business of their own.
1 Week Until The Inaugural North Queensland Entrepreneurs Conference

Perhaps the inspiration will be to be a better employee for the company that they work, and help the entrepreneur in the business excel.

I've learned more over the years from mentors and conferences than any seminar, educational institution or book. This is real life, and each speaker will be around for people to talk to should they feel that they would like to share their ideas or have a chat.

When I was putting together this conference, I knew it would be a challenge as people don't always "get it" the first time. These speakers really are the best of the best; a broad and courageous cross section of people who have something to empart.

I've never wanted more than I have today to see that room fill up with people who want to see the world differently, and who want to see change, because without change, that 15 percent unemployment rate isn't going anywhere. We can keep talking about the doom and gloom or we can do something about it. 

Funnily enough, Townsville, Hinchinbrook and the Fraser Coast have something in place to create change. They are forward thinkers and the Mayors that have been empowered to create change, are spearheading support in the right areas. They instigate change by supporting initiatives such as this. I applaud their efforts, and believe that it is not just up to them to create the platform - it's up to all of us whether we live in rural and regional Queensland or not, to stand up and say that we need to help out. We need to all put our hands up and say that we are there to make a difference, to explore how we can create jobs and empowers those who naturally would be the entrepreneurs of the future to take a step forward and give it a go. 

There are also existing businesses that are doing it tough. How do they do things differently? What changes should they make to not rely so heavily on the local market? This conference is about that and more.

Don't be afraid to take the day off. It may be the best "sickie" you have ever taken. (No, I am not really suggesting you take a sickie). Learn, be inspired, change your motivation, ensure your glass is half full and take a leaf out of some of the speakers books.

See you there. It's the last chance to book tickets:

Speakers include Jack Cowin | Bob Katter | Megan Burton | Michael Bethel | Helen Reizer | Mellissah Smith | Niall Cairns | Russell Broad | Tania Nugent | Jeremy Jauncey | Catherine Cervasio | Mayor Jenny Hill | Mayor Ramon Jayo | Mayor Chris Loft | Nicky Kruger | Bernie Kruger | Jodie Pollock | Tony Cook

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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a modern day business leader who is internationally successful through her business ventures, with over 20 years of experience in the marketing and technology industries.

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